Steve & Annie Chapman

Long Enough to Know


Long Enough to Know

The Chapmans

This project is a record of some of the deepest emotions in our hearts regarding one another. It includes some older, familiar favorites that we cherish because they represent certain precious feelings that mark memorable moments in our relationship. It also contains some new tunes that portray timely aspects of our ongoing relationship that we treasure so fondly.

It is our sincere hope that this collection of the lyrics and melodies of our love will not only warm your heats but give you cause to want to hold hands, take a walk and talk a while, maybe even dance a jig or just sit next to each other and enjoy the company.


  • 1. When I Need You
  • 2. Glad I Came By Here
  • 3. Lay Down Beside Me
  • 4. You Take My Breath Away
  • 5. Long Enough To Know 
  • 6. Old Love
  • 7. Its You
  • 8. The Moon Is Still Over Her Shoulder
  • 9. Longer Than
  • 10. Love Song Of The Hunter