Steve & Annie Chapman

First Winds of Autumn

This CD has been updated with a new cover and now contains 20 songs listed below.

  1. First Winds of Autumn                        11. Nothing to Hide
  2. Be Ready When You Come for Me    12. Benny & Joe
  3. Let ‘em Be Boys                                 13. Nothing to Hide                                
  4. Me & Mr. Turkey (Live)                        14. Hidden Manna 
  5. Daddy Drank                                       15. Surrounded
  6. Unknown Soldiers                               16. I Want to Go With My Daddy
  7. When the Wolf Comes Near               17. What I Wouldn't Give
  8. Joe’s Garage                                       18. First One (see the video above)
  9. God Is God                                          19. Follow The Blood
  10. That’s A Call                                        20. Finish Well

Steve Chapman is author of the best-selling book, A Look At Life From A Deer Stand (more than 300,000 copies sold)